Budgeting & Planning For A New Month

Hi guys! Sorry I've been only posting things that link back to my Youtube lately. I'm trying to find a balance of things he...

Hi guys! Sorry I've been only posting things that link back to my Youtube lately.
I'm trying to find a balance of things here.
I thought with us starting a new month and me doing my ritual of budgeting and planning I would share my tips. Now, I am no expert but this is just what helps me.
I hope that you can get some ideas or just some insight if you're interested in these types of things.

Whenever the new month comes I always whip out my calendar, a notebook, and a pen.
You might want to get some coffee or tea too. It always helps me.
Since I work a job that is very spur of the moment with chaotic hours it makes it a little hard for me to judge how much I will be making. Which is why doing this is very crucial.
My husband thankfully works a regular 40 hour job with guaranteed pay each week.
We both get paid weekly not bi-weekly.
This helps me manage our money a little easier.
Ok, so now that you have an idea of how that all works for us this is how I plan around it.

I always take out my calendar and write out what day a bill is due and how much.
I am a very visual person and seeing everything laid out makes it easier for me.
Once I have it all wrote out I will add up everything and write it out to the side.
I calculate how much is our guaranteed pay from my husband and subtract our bills from that.
Luckily my husband alone makes enough to cover all of the bills we have.
What I make for the month needs to cover our groceries, gas, and anything extra.
So I will then calculate any projected income from myself.
Sometimes I have no clue if I will work or not.
If I know I have hours I will calculate that in and see how much outside of that amount we will need if any. What this means is months where I work more than expected we will need to save away for a rainy day if you will.
Throughout the month around the end of each week I recalculate and add in or subtract given our circumstances. By doing this actively it helps me gain control over our finances and doesn't allow for any mistakes. You really can't just do this in your head. You will forget those little purchases like a soda from the vending machine or a quick breakfast at McDonalds. If we mis-budget even by $50 some months it can really screw us up.

I'm sharing this information because it is real.
Managing your funds and creating a positive relationship with your bank account is very important.
I used to add it up in my head and hope that it was right.
I know that feeling of not wanting to open your bank app because you're scared of what you will see.
I've been there and we as a couple have been there.
But I'm telling you if you are just honest with yourself and your budget you might actually be able to start getting ahead. Try to find a number that is doable for you to put back every week in savings.
Even if it's just $5.
If you end up needing it later on oh well! You have it there for a safety blanket.

Being a young married couple who are trying to pursue their dreams can be difficult.
Our lives aren't always a cake walk financially.
We make due with what we have and are thankful for anything and everything.
I find myself becoming less and less of a financially driven person.
Yes, I want to make money so I can have the things in life that I need and want.
But I would much rather be working at a job that I love and see myself growing every day than work at a job that makes my mind numb. 
Pursuing your dreams can be a hard thing to do.
I quit my regularly paying guaranteed job for my current one because it was my dream job.

Keep calm and stay on top of your finances.
Buy less & save more.


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