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Life is funny in the way that when you think "Oh, I would never do that or be that person" you become just that. In the pa...

Life is funny in the way that when you think "Oh, I would never do that or be that person" you become just that. In the past six months I have taken a huge shift into a positive direction with my lifestyle and way of thinking. I could never see myself as the calm, intuitive, environmental, active self. I like how as you learn and develop it's like a snowball effect. The choices you make daily impact your life whether you'd like to admit it or not. Letting knowledge in creates this awesome opportunity for growth. You find things out about yourself that you'd never thought possible.
I've grown so much as a person that it's really mind blowing.
Every day I learn things about myself and improve things I'd like to change. 
I'm going to walk you through my evolution.

1. My Diet
    In early October of 2015 I decided to go Vegetarian.
    Now, before you roll your eyes because I know what a stigma this holds just hear me out.
    I chose this after educating myself with both documentaries but text as well.
    It's something that I never knew impacted our environment so much. I decided to make the change
    for the sake of our earth. If you're not sure why or how this makes a difference please see this
    quick reference. I'm in NO WAY forcing any of this on you but if you are one who loves learning
    and information then it's definitely something to at least glance at. This is some serious stuff man.
    Our earth is why we are here today breathing. We gotta take care of it. It stuck with me and
    literally after that I changed myself over night. No more meat.

2. My Thought Process
    In January I was introduced to an interesting way of thinking and living life called Minimalism.
    This is something that people can use in many different aspects of their lives.
    Aesthetic - Mental - Physical
    Decorating your home in a minimalistic fashion is usually geared towards monochromatic colors.
    It also means having less stuff and clutter. Why have 3 cutting boards when you could only have 1
    and get the optimal use out of it? Why have three boxes full of memorabilia that just sits in your
    attic? It just started to not make sense to me. I was a hoarder of things. I didn't care if I had 12 of
    something I would find a reason to hold on to it or buy another one.
    Also, when having a neutral toned pallet to work with you find yourself buying less because it
    doesn't fit in with your design. Getting rid of mental clutter is very important as well.
    You will start to realize just how valuable that space is to you. You might have people or things
    in your life that just aren't creating enough positive influence that you chose to let go of them or
    it. It has helped me immensely with so many aspects of my thought process and I could not be
    more grateful.

3. My Physical Wellness
    In January I also joined a gym (again). They got a new location that wasn't half way across town.
    So with an easily accessed location I was happy to start back up again.
    I also started doing Yoga again. You learn a lot about yourself when you make time to have those
    little moments it creates a breath of fresh air. When you start to take care of your body things will
    happen. Your mind set will shift towards a positive direction. Your confidence will go through the
    roof if given the opportunity. Seeing yourself improve each day and not giving up is key here.
    Physical wellness is such a personal journey. Looking at pictures of abs might be a little motivation
    but looking at pictures of your body's weekly change and the positive mood shift is enough for me.
Everybody's journey is different and the things I've done to improve my health and wellness are
my own. I have truly begun the self love transition. Taking care of my body has boosted my mood
and helped me become a more forgiving and selfless person. I have become more aware of my 
surroundings and how each thing impacts our lives. I am more open to experiences and I feel light.
Things that used to bother me I'm learning to let go of them. 
Being a certain way or looking a certain way won't make you happy. The journey of you getting there
will though. Remind yourself daily of your goals and write things down.
Release yourself of heaviness of items and negative feelings. Take care of your body and the earth
we all live on. Be a kinder person and remember that everyone is fighting their own battles.

Heres a Playlist for you. I really have been enjoying this kind of music lately. It really helps clear my mind and help me feel inspired. Hope you enjoy! My husband and I share a Spotify station as well so if you're interested in any of our musical loves you are more than welcome to follow us.  

Much Love // AMY 

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  1. Yay for going meat-free! Good for the earth and so, so much healthier. :)

    1. Yes! And I've actually been eating mostly vegan as well recently. With all of the substitutes there are there's really no reason not to be!


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