Future Goals // Kids Or No Kids?

Hi guys! Let me first start off with how sorry I am that I basically took a week of from everything. Incase you don't...

Hi guys! Let me first start off with how sorry I am that I basically took a week of from everything.
Incase you don't follow me on Instagram: @thesuperiorpeach,  then you probably aren't aware that last week we tried to introduce a new cat into the family.
His name was Sebastian and he was given to us by a family friend.
Our main cat Alaska was having absolutely nothing to do with it. She was becoming violent towards me and we live in a loft with very limited space. I felt like I was constantly under attack.
So in the process of dealing with that, bringing her to the vet, Valentine's Day on Sunday, plus me working a lot more than I was accustom to.. Things just kind of got pushed aside. 
I'm here this week getting back on track and I'm very inspired!
I've been thinking a TON about my future and what I want my life to be. Like most 20 something year olds do. I figured it would be a good opportunity to share my aspirations and talk with you all about just that. Taylor (my husband) and I have talked about these things on and off for years now. Trying to decide what we want out of life and what we don't want.
As a woman I've experienced cases of baby fever and times where I can't see myself having children at all. It's a very confusing thing to battle inside myself. 
I've spent a lot of time trying to dissect what I'm feeling when I am going through baby fever and when I'm not. I've found that when I want to start a family I am (sorry to say this) bored with my life. I feel like it's what I am supposed to do. As if there is nothing more I have to offer so why not just pop a kid out so people will leave me alone about not knowing where my life is going.
Gosh, it sounds so sad when I say it like that but it is the honest truth.
Living in a small midwest town it is very easy to see so many people having kids and feeling like "Ok, I guess that's normal and all there is for me here". 
Now, don't get me wrong.. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having kids.
But at the same time there is absolutely nothing wrong with not having kids as well.
I seriously have NO IDEA what my life is going to be or what I want to do with my career.
I am turing 23 in March and a lot of my friends are either having kids or graduating and moving into a career. I know I cannot be the only one feeling like "WTF is life". 
I have always been very experimental with hobbies and career options.
I've gone from wanting to be a lawyer to wanting to be a cosmetologist. 
Seriously, I've never liked one thing for longer than a year probably. 
It's a very scary and intimidating thing for me. 
I feel like a flake when I start something that I am SUPER into and then a couple weeks later I'm not into it anymore. There are so many people I surround myself who have always wanted to be a doctor, artist, designer, etc. 
I keep wanting to wake up one day and just know who I am and what I am willing to dedicate the rest of my career life to. I've worked in cosmetics/beauty for 3-4 years now. I enjoy working with people and creating different looks on them. It is an art form no matter what you say. I get to pick colors and create something that to me, is a work of art. I do enjoy this career that I am in right now, don't get me wrong at all. I just feel like I keep waiting for a spark of immense passion to flood my soul. 
I keep feeling like I'm meant for something greater. I sincerely feel like I have more to offer the world but I don't know where to start. 
Taylor and I have talked about some recent goals we would like to accomplish:
  • Pay off any debt we have completely
  • For one bill a month that we pay extra on we match that into our savings
  • Once we pay off a bill - with the saved amount we take a trip somewhere
  • Stop letting others influence our happiness and where we want our lives to go
  • Be more positive about goals - make them happen
Those are just snid bits of some recent goals we have created.
I would absolutely love to live out of the country for a little bit.
I want to use Minimalism to propel our lives further. I want to stop spending money on pointless things so I can save and be able to travel to places like Australia or Europe. Also, by not buying things we remain light and it makes it extremely easy to travel. I want to stop letting how other people want us to live our lives stop me from doing things.
If someone really loves and cares about you they wouldn't hold you back from your happiness. 
I get having some personal life guidance but when you tell someone that them wanting to travel more or live somewhere else would be a bad idea, you're just being selfish.
We have older adults tell us that having kids right now would be stupid and out of the question.
Ok, awesome so we won't have kids. Instead we want to move or travel.
Oh, well you shouldn't do that either.
It's like a lose/lose battle for us.
That's why one of my goals is to stop letting others influence my decisions and you shouldn't either.
I know that the people in our lives love us and only wish us the best. I just wish they knew how much some times it can hurt us. When I feel like I am getting on the right track and then my ideas get smashed it can be very disheartening. That's like telling a child who wants to be an astronaut that it is impossible. It's not impossible but when you constantly tell them it is you are imbedding negative correlations to their dreams. I don't care if you're 18 reading this or 50. You're dreams matter and you are NEVER too old to change things. It's all a matter of will power and drive.
Keeping yourself motivated is key people. I struggle with this myself.
I find inspiration in seeing others do what makes them happy. Sometimes I go on Youtube or Instagram and find people doing life just so I can get motivated myself.
Lift others up - Don't tear them down.
If you see your friend doing something that they enjoy, please empower them.
Tell them how proud of them you are. Be a constant positive source in their lives.
Also, if you are the friend needing inspiration or positive reinforcement don't be afraid to ask for it.
Sometimes before I post something I send it to my friends/family and ask them what they think.
It's ok to be vulnerable sometimes.
I've always said: "If something scares or intimidates you, then it means you truly care".
I'm really sorry if this seems all over the place or kind of rant like at times.
Just know that I am really inspired right now and it's nice to get out your feelings.
There is no right or wrong way to live life. I think that's what people forget.
You don't want to have resentment towards someone because you let them control you.
Just let people live. We might not always make the right decisions but be there for us when we don't.

Let me know where you see yourself or a goal that you've always wanted to do but someone has told you that it was impossible.
I'm also going to start posting whenever I feel like it but at least (if everything goes well) once a week. But sometimes it could be more. I feel like I've limited myself a little bit.


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  1. GIRL. This post made me say, "I know!" out loud several times while reading it. :)

    1. That is AWESOME! Thanks so much for reading.


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