Why I got married so young

(Photo credit: Regina Richard's Photography edited with Phonto App) I wanted to talk about this a little bit because this...

(Photo credit: Regina Richard's Photography edited with Phonto App)
I wanted to talk about this a little bit because this is a subject that is personal to everyone.
Some people are dying to get married while others could care less and don't see the point.
Some people want to get married young while others feel it's best to wait until they are older.
I wanted to share my experiences. The good and the bad so that way it might help you.
I met Taylor when I was 19. 
I was coming out of an unhealthy relationship with someone who I thought was the one.
I thought I had relationships all figured out and what they were supposed to be like.
I had two relationships prior. One when I was 16 and one when I was 18.
Neither of them I now consider to be true relationships, more so dependancies.
I am in no way shape or form calling anyone out here. We were kids.
Still learning and growing ourselves. We were in no way ready to give ourselves to another person.
When I met him I was in a weird place in life.
I had just recently moved in with my sisters and was trying to become an adult if you will.
We went on our first date (that I didn't know was a date) on a Sunday at a local coffee shop.
When we got to the front to order our drinks he paid for mine and I immediately 
thought, oh crap.. This is a date.
I had never met him in person other than a "Hi, how are you? If you need anything let me know." because he worked at a retail store and I may or may not have only shopped there because I found him attractive.
Like I said I was coming out of a bad relationship and wasn't ready for all of that.
We sat at the coffee shop talking endlessly for hours and hours.
The employees actually had to kick us out because they were closing.
He walked me to my car and opened my door.
A real gentleman.
(Photo credit: Erin Sunday)
We moved in with each other a month into our relationship.
Everyone thought we were crazy, I'm sure.
We had long talks about how if we ever got married to someone it would be forever.
We would never stop working at our relationship or give up on that person.
We shared a lot of core values.
5 months after moving in together we got engaged.
We were both so young, excited, and nervous.
We knew we didn't want to get married right away. 
I was still 19 at the time and Taylor was 21.
We had many adventures and many battles during our 1 1/2 year engagement.
We learned a lot about each other in this time frame.
What made the other happy and what made them tick.
I never really grew up with any positive relationships to learn from.
Every one was either fighting or giving up on each other.
So finding myself throughout this whole process was really a journey.
Deciding what I wanted, who I wanted to be, and what I was able to give to someone else.
I thought I had it all figured out.
(Photo credit top: Erin Sunday & bottom: Regina Richard's Photography)
Around December of 2013 we finally made the decision to nail down a date.
All of the plans started commencing. We had six months to get everything ready.
Planning our wedding was a really fun experience and I loved every second of it.
(Photo credit: Regina Richard's Photography)
June 08, 2014
It's true what people say about their wedding day being one of the greatest moments of their lives.
That day was everything I could have hoped for. My family & friends who helped blessed me with my dream wedding and I could not be more grateful. 
We honeymooned in Disneyworld and it was an absolute blast.
I had never been and Taylor went we he was younger.
It was probably the best place for us to go.
We are now months away from our 2 year anniversary and 4 years total of us being a couple.
Marriage is or at least for me, a lot different than dating or even being engaged for that matter.
My idea of marriage before being married was that nothing would change people would just take us more seriously as a couple.
When you're dating someone in the back of your head you always have that reassurance that you could leave if something happens or you get bored.
Yes, that little piece of paper makes it harder for you to leave.
But it also gives you a reason to overlook all of those dumb things that might have made you give up before. In a marriage you give yourself 100% to the other person. You learn to put their needs before your own in some instances. You don't just go out and do something without consulting them first.
It is a partnership and a companionship. You grow together and meet each other's needs.
The reason I got married so young is because I met someone that genuinely cared for me and showed me what honest love was. The right way to treat someone you care about. He made me a better person and got me out of bad habits. I'd like to say I did the same for him. He showed me that family isn't just blood relatives. I gave up my youthful years for someone because I found the one for me and I was ok with not experiencing some of those things because they do not matter to me.
Most things that single 20 year olds do, I can do with my husband. 
We go on adventures, go dancing, see concerts, and make life changes together.
While some see me wasting my 20's I see myself making my 20's.
To each is own and I've found my own. Giving myself to him has been the best decision I've made for myself. We have those moments doubt but we are human. 
We've never stayed mad at each other for more than a couple of hours.
I've found my soul mate and I'm willing to work through anything with him.
Don't let age or other people stop you from making a decision that you feel is right in your heart.
Life is too short for all of that.
You're going to make mistakes once, twice, or three times even... But that is what changes you.
If you find the one snatch them up and have fun doing life together.
That's what I did and I don't regret it.

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