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photo found here When you start opening up your eyes to what the world really is - Getting information isn't that h...

When you start opening up your eyes to what the world really is -
Getting information isn't that hard.
All it takes is a quick google search and overheard messages from your friends.
When you make the choice to stop eating meat and or dairy you are saving the animals and our environment. But have you ever thought about how you could save other humans?
If you are all for saving the animals but still shopping at Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc that seems kind of redundant. If you aren't aware of what these companies are doing then don't sweat it-
I'm going to cover some of that information for you.
Even if you aren't a Vegetarian or Vegan this is for you.
Because we are talking about OTHER LIVING BREATHING HUMANS.
You really can't deny or find loop holes in why something like this isn't important. Have you ever wondered why your fabulous floral printed dress was only $10?
Probably not because we are getting used to cheap a** clothes.
You're probably going to throw that dress out or try to resell it in a couple months anyways.

Here's why buying that $10 floral dress matters:
Companies like this are able to sell you that $10 dress because their labor is low.
What does that mean?
Someone is working 100+ hours a week for 25 cents per hour.
Children are being forced to work in disgusting conditions for a crazy amount of hours without a break sometimes unpaid so you can have that floral printed dress.
They are threatened and abused.
These companies count on trends coming and going.
They know that their cheap clothing will be ok with you because in six months the trends will change. You will be inclined to come back and buy basically the same thing with a different print.
You don't want a higher quality item because of the constant change of trends.
The amount of waste this creates is astounding.
Our society is based on constant buying and tossing.
Even when you donate that $10 floral dress it might not make it into Goodwill's selection process.
They get so many donations that they have to be extremely picky about what they except.
Which means your dress just might end up being tossed.

How long does it take for your items to decompose?
Leather Shoes - 25 to 40 years
Thread - 3 to 4 months
Cotton - 1 to 5 months
Nylon - 30 to 40 years
Wool - 1 to 5 years
Rubber Boot Sole - 50 to 80 years

It's ok that you didn't know how bad the negative impact was!
I didn't either and I was blown away.
We have some options on what to do next.

Before you say "Well, I am pretty broke myself and can't afford buying expensive clothes".
I know that our society has taught you to want want want.
Not only to want but to want it NOW.
Have you ever thought about how much money you are wasting on constantly buying cheap clothes?
I myself have recently resold and donated 85% of my closet when I took on Minimalism.
That was before I found out all of this.
I was right where you are.
A consumer.

photo found here

The first thing you can do is STOP UNCONSCIOUS SPENDING.
Become conscious of your habits and thoughts when you go to the store.
Try to make lists of what you need before you even leave for the store.
If you are shopping for a new pair of pants do some research on ethical brands you feel comfortable buying from and make it clear that you are only shopping for those pants.

If you feel like you can take on that challenge and want to do more for the environment look into other shopping habits that aren't so great but can be easily changed.
Take for instance something as simple as your drinking water.
Everyone is trying to be a little bit healthier these days but have you ever thought about what might be making you healthier could actually be damaging the earth?
 Plastic water bottles take 70 to 450 years to decompose.
In my house we have switched to a detachable water filter.
Before we switched I bought a case of water bottles every week or so and decided not to throw them in the trash and instead made a corner of my kitchen to collect them.
Just from a couple weeks of collecting I filled two bags full of bottles.
Not Walmart plastic bags but big recyclable grocery bags. You know the kind.
That is all it took for me to switch to a filter.

I'm not asking you to completely change your life. I'm not even asking you to change your life a little.
I just want you to become aware of how your daily decisions effect our world.
The world that your children and your children's children are going to grow up in.
We are the millennials.
We aren't dumb.
We were raised in the information era.
Take on whatever you feel comfortable doing.
Buying from an ethical company who doesn't use slave labor or switching to a water filter.
Starting small or big.
It all matters.

An IG friend @truncationblog has been converting her wardrobe to ethical brands only.
She posted about some brands that you might want to consider weeding out of your closet here.
She also posted some brands that are safe for your new shopping habits here.
You can find daily products that are scored for your health, environment, and society here.

Making a lifestyle change isn't hard but it does take drive and your heart has to be in it.
I have merely grazed over these topics and if you'd like to read more you can do so buy researching some of the places I found my information.
One. Two. Three. Four. ]
Don't feel afraid to change something that is important to you because of how others might look at you or ask you questions you're not fully prepared to answer.
It is a learning and growing process.

I hope that this information opens eyes and sparks questions in your minds.
You choose where and what you spend your money on.
Why not do it right?

This video is super informative and does a great job of explaining the process.

So let me know if you are interested in changing some shopping habits.
I'd love to hear your take on this topic.


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