March Products Review

My birthday was this month and with that came gifts from others and gifts to myself. I received a gift card from my Aunt to Sephora...

My birthday was this month and with that came gifts from others and gifts to myself.
I received a gift card from my Aunt to Sephora, completed my first order to Morphe, went to Lush, & dove into the world of cruelty free beauty.

First I would like to talk about Emani Foundation.
I purchased this from my local organic grocery store.
You can purchase it from their website for $34 by clicking here.
I initially purchased this looking for a cruelty free/vegan foundation.
After wearing this product for almost a whole month now I have really taken a liking to it.
One of my main concerns with foundation is I want it to have a fuller coverage without that weird cakey texture on my skin. I want it to look as if it were in fact my natural skin.
I have been pretty fortunate lately that my skin has been cooperating and I've only had to cover up discoloration. Even still I find that this foundation is very lightweight yet covers well.

Morphe Cosmetics   
I initially purchased the 35T palette and the 12 piece black and white brush set.
You can purchase the 35T palette here & the brush set here.
When I received my first order several of the shadows had fallen out during shipment. I had to use double sided tape and place them back in. I haven't had any problems since.
I decided I needed (ok wanted) a palette that had "crazy" colors for more intense fun looks.
So I went back to the website and ordered the 35B palette and you can view that here.
When that one came I had no issues with the colors falling out in shipment.
I've used all three things and so far I love them.
The brushes had a very strong smell whenever they arrived but it has faded since then.
The colors are very pigmented. If you follow me on Snap you might have seen me talking about how I did a purple/pink look with the 35B palette and even after washing my face there was still a tinge of pink on my eyes. Kind of weird but it eventually faded.
They are offering 20% off of your order right now which is crazy because their prices are already so low. I feel like you definitely get a great quality for the price. However, if you miss this deal I know that I personally used Jaclyn Hill's coupon code "Jacattack" which gives you 10% off.

Balm & Co
Ok, so I was definitely in need of a cruelty free cleanser and someone recommended this one.
Which I honestly can't find anywhere stating that they're cruelty free but their website says "Plant Powered Skincare" so I'm assuming we're in the clear?
I purchased the Activated Charcoal Cleanser found here. When it arrived I was a little surprised by the size. It doesn't list oz anywhere that I can see on the website. The price is $24 for 4 oz (found on the bottle after I ordered). It's main purpose is to be used in your nighttime routine. I found it kind of hard to work with and it didn't really lather. However, I will continue to use this until it's gone and see how I like it over time. It has a lot of great ingredients for the skin!

Lush Cosmetics
While in KC Taylor and I went to Lush (of course) and I knew going in that I needed a moisturizer.
I have never used one from them before and was excited to try something new & cruelty free of course. The associate suggested I try Magical Moringa for my normal to dry skin. In doing more research I found that this is actually something for oil control and leaves skin matte. Ummm, what?
That is kind of the opposite of what my skin needs. I have used it for almost a week now and it is a decent moisturizer. My skin hasn't felt dry or in need of added moisture. I am not a huge fan of how solid it is. You really have to warm it up in your hands before applying. You can find this product here. Next on the list was shampoo. We currently have Dove in the shower which is a big no no for anyone trying to be cruelty free. While at Lush we got intrigued by the shampoo bars. We purchased Seanik found here. After using it I really liked how it made my hair feel. It lathers surprisingly well. If you don't use conditioner after you will feel dry though. Taylor (my husband) said he thought it made his hair too dry. Which makes sense because he washes his hair morning and night because of the amount of product he applies. For $11.95 the associate said it should last us quite a while. We shall see!

Kat Von D Liquid Lipsstick
So I am definitely not new to liquid lips or the Kat Von D line at all. Her formula is amazing and probably one of the best ones out there. But I did want to share my recent color purchase called "Lovesick". If you're looking for a perfect pink shade that isn't too pink or too nude this is the one. It's so beautiful and cruelty free! Check it out for yourself here.

Physician's Formula
Organic wear mascara is a good "everyday" mascara. I wouldn't use this if you want a full drama look by any means. For my day to day makeup I do prefer a separated toned down lash & this is what this gives me. To be honest I really needed a CF mascara & this one had black packaging. Nothing fancy! But if you feel like what I described suits you then you can view it here. I will probably try to find something else the next time I'm in need of mascara.

Nyx Cosmetics
"HELLO GLITTER!!!!" - As Jeffree Star would say. Yes, GLITTER GALORE. If you want your eyes to look like a damn disco ball here you go. For only $6 you can be the club's personal disco ball. I freaking love this stuff. I seriously can't express how much this stuff shines. See it for yourself here.

MAC Cosmetics
I was in need of some major brow rehab. Luckily my MAC Counter Manager Michelle helped me find a new routine. I wanted my brows to have more of an organic feel to them. Still looking clean and crisp but more of a I woke up like this kind of way. Haha. So we decided on using two products to complete that look. The Stylized twist up Brow Definer here and eye shadow Charcoal Brown found here. The MAC Brow Definer is $3.50 cheaper than the Anastasia one and apparently you can purchase the palette refill shadow for only $6 here opposed to $16 when you purchase it as a regular shadow that comes in a case. Definitely doing that next time!!! I love the way both of these make my brows look. I sense an updated brow tutorial coming up!

Buxom Cosmetics
Since I received a gift card to Sephora I decided to do the customizable Buxom Eyeshadow Palette. For $40 you can choose 6 shadows of your choice to create your own palette. Now, if you want my opinion I would suggest you head back to the Morphe website because they have 35 eyeshadow (premade) palettes for $22. Hello. But if you get a gift card of something like I did then go ahead and splurge on something you might not normally buy. The quality of the eyeshadows themselves are pretty good. Very buttery and pigmented which is great. I did have one of them come out of the pan already which is annoying seeing as I only purchased it a couple weeks ago. But nothing that a little double sided tape can't fix. They sell these at both Ulta & Sephora. I will link you to both here & here.

Alright guys, if you actually read through those you've received a gold star from me.
I know there is a lot of products mentioned and I would not be offended if you skimmed or only read the ones you are interested in. I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies I just wanted to share my opinions on my latest purchased items. If you end up getting any of these of have anymore questions let me know! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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