Monthly Instagram Roundup

If you're not following me on Insta - you can do so by clicking [ here ]. I love learning about design and photo editing so see...

If you're not following me on Insta - you can do so by clicking [here].
I love learning about design and photo editing so seeing my photos progress is cool for me.
Here are my top favorite photos I posted on Instagram this month:

1. Avocado + Hummus Toast
This has been mine and my husband's favorite quick and easy breakfast lately.

2. Livingroom Rearrangement
We were finally able to figure out how to arrange our living room without it feeling to tight or cluttered. This was a big win for us. Alaska agrees!

3. Dining Area Success
I am a huge fan of minimal design and I think I was finally able to capture that in my dining area.

4. Last Summer Throwback
My husband surprised me with concert tickets to see Melanie Martinez for my birthday coming up next month. We have family in both St. Louis & Kansas City which are the closest cities for concerts in our area. This was taken at our favorite Aunt & Uncle's house last Summer. Can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks!

5. Yoga + Coffee + Pinterest = Morning Routine
Doing yoga every day has improved my flexibility, energy, and drive to power through my day.
I am currently at home a lot and doing this keeps me motivated to stay on top of tasks and figuring out what career path I will be pursuing.

6. Organic Produce Is The Best Produce
I cannot express how much happier and healthier I feel since buying 100% organic everything.
I shop at a local all natural market for all of my groceries now.
I used to think that shopping somewhere like that would end up costing me a fortune.
Well, jokes on me. It isn't.
In fact I am able to buy a week to a week and a half worth of groceries for two people around $100 - $140. Which was exactly the same as what I was spending before. Only this time I know that what I am purchasing is fresh and healthy. I have also lost 4 pounds this month due to my diet and exercising 3 times a week.

7. Learning How To Flatlay
In the process of building my "image" for my instagram - blog - youtube, I have pushed myself to learn more and more about photography and design. How to get a professional image that people can't help but want to click on. Some times I have hits and some times I have misses. But those hits are what I live for. Photography is something I have always loved since the age of 16. So seeing myself improve is really amazing.
8. Morning Lattes
My husband has a knack for finding something he is interested in and learning how to do it and do it well. He decided about 3 years ago that he was going to learn how to make lattes at home and that he sure did. They are amazing and he makes them every single morning. It really brightens my day.
I'm not sure how well a post like this will do with my viewers.
So far I've seen very high views on more personal posts and an ok amount on posts like these.
Either way, I enjoy posting whatever is interesting me at that time.
Thanks for staying on board!
Remember, if you have any questions or request you are always more than welcome to talk with me. I love hearing feedback and just getting to chat with you.

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